We’re Your Biggest Advocates

We noticed pieces of the current real estate model had become obsolete, which presented a unique opportunity for us: a chance to shift the perspective and to create a business that supports the buyer and seller throughout the entire process. The traditional commission structure is designed to expressly benefit the broker and agent. But we believe in full transparency, putting control back in your hands, and connecting you to our revolutionized adaptation of real estate.

Access to experts doesn’t have to come with excessive prices. Our team of highly qualified New Jersey real estate agents are here to educate, empower, and guide clients through their real estate transactions with ease.

Founding Opnhouz

Years of real estate experience lends to our unique lens on the market. We founded Opnhouz to right the inefficiencies we saw, and ultimately to revolutionize the way real estate is conducted today. Your transaction belongs in your hands. For us, seamlessness, fluidity, and transparency isn’t just the way business should be done – it’s the only way.